Use, Care & Maintenance

How Should I use my Roc Concrete Basin?

ROC Concrete basins can be used much like other 'stone' hand wash basins, however we do not recommend prolonged soaking or leaving the basin filled with water over long periods as this may lead to tide marks on the surface of the concrete and may be detrimental to the sealer. It is important not to damage the sealer coating that protects the concrete. Please read our care and maintenance recommendations.

 How do I Clean my Roc Concrete?

Our sealer is resistant to bleach and citric acids however we recommend that our surfaces and products be cleaned with warm, mild soapy water using a bleach free, PH neutral cleaning product. Scrubbing with abrasive powders or pads is not recommended as this may damage the sealer and concrete and dull the surface sheen. Corrosive / solvent or acidic materials and cleaners should be avoided, this includes vinegar and critics.

 Will Roc Concrete Stain?

Some liquids and oils may cause discoloration if left on the surface. Where required, surfaces and products will be treated with a natural looking, purpose made, professional concrete sealer to help prevent staining and for hygiene purposes. However, this does not guarantee a stain proof surface and liquids and food stuffs should not be allowed to remain on or against the surface for prolonged periods

Which Polish should I use on ROC Concrete?

Our sealer provides a satin/mat finish, if you require greater lustre, a carnauba or bees wax may be used to polish a suitable surface or product. Rough surfaces should not be waxed as the wax will get caught and will not alter the lustre.

 Is ROC Concrete Waterproof?

Once the sealer has been applied the concrete is more resistant to water as long as the sealed surface remains undamaged. The sealer should be reapplied periodically depending on intensity of use. 

 Can ROC Concrete chip?

Like any hard and brittle material (e.g. china or porcelain) material concrete can be damaged so care should be taken. Products can be chipped if knocked but if treated with care concrete products can last for many years.

 Can ROC Concrete damage be fixed?

It may be possible to mend chipped or damaged items. (Please contact us for details)

 Can ROC Concrete Crack?

Like any hard and brittle material (e.g. china or porcelain) concrete can be cracked if stressed or shocked in some way.

Hairline cracks and surface crazing are inherent to the curing process of all concrete to some degree and may appear more pronounced after the surface has been wet but they are not structural cracks and are part of the very nature and character of the material.

 What type of plug outlet can I use with a ROC concrete basin?

non-slotted waste outlet should be used as our basins do not have an overflow. The outlet may require an extended thread subject to the basin selected. We recommend the use of plumber’s flexible putty (plumbers Mate) as a bedding for the outlet fitting to ensure a good seal and prevent leaks.

It is very important not to over tighten the outlet during fitting as this may damage the sealer or even crack the basin.