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Break the mould!

Each ROC concrete wash basin and concrete pendant light is individually hand crafted, using a unique production process developed in-house. This results in a range of striking and beautiful, highly individual products that stand apart due to their sculptural organic forms.

ROC Products is an artisan focused, family run business based in the Kent countryside here in the UK.

Its mission, to reflect the values of the ROC name by creating Refined, Organic and Creative products from various materials including concrete, steel and wood whilst embracing and retaining the character and material properties that embody their nature.

Washing hands is a focus for all and is going to remain a priority for the future. Beautiful basin design and luxury bathrooms will work to encourage this endeavour.  ROC products produce vanity and counter mounted concrete wash basins and sinks for luxury bathrooms.

Consider an artisan designed, individually unique concrete basin for your bathroom or outside your property. Perhaps create a hallway concrete wash basin mounted on a custom steel and concrete console that could be surrounded by concrete decorative panels possibly etched with patterns or a brand design for guests to hand wash on arrival?

These evolving products are focused on retaining the organic material properties whilst ensuring refined functionality.

If you're searching for a truly unique light as a focal point, my concrete pendant lights are certain to draw the focus!

Following the aesthetic and hand crafted production process used for our concrete wash basins, our concrete lampshades and lights are bursting with character and individuality.

As a striking focal point our concrete ceiling lights create a welcoming ambiance and will add that wow factor to any room in your property. When paired with a bespoke concrete and steel dining table, a concrete basin or other concrete surfaces, the complimentary muted natural shades, uniquely organic forms and surface movement all work together to produce a beautiful complement to any décor style with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

At ROC Products we are continuing the creative development of our product range aimed at luxury bathrooms and home interiors and will add products as designs are developed.

Because we like to keep the creative juices flowing some of the other products we will be producing are digital 3D art in various forms such as:

Objet d'art such as 3D carved relief terrain landscapes of various mountain ranges and geographical features from wood or cast in concrete.

Personalised half tone carved images taken from customers photos and images.

3D wall panels created in wood and concrete.

3D concrete tiles in various designs

We will also create individually unique, hand crafted side tables, console tables and dining tables using wood, steel concrete and Microconcrete/Microcement.

searching for that special 'bespoke' something

If you are searching for that special 'bespoke' something that needs to be specifically designed to fit your property or taste, our parent company Concreations Ltd, still based in the UK, specialises in bespoke high end polished concrete production services.

Our bespoke artisan concrete has been in production since 2005 and can be created in a wide variety of colours, from natural tones to any combination of contemporary blues, greens, yellows and reds. Surfaces can be smooth, textured, ground to expose various levels of decorative aggregate or left naturally raw with blow holes, folds and pits for that striking industrial/urban look.

We can include personal touches such as etched or moulded lettering, fossils, resin bonded items and much more and it's natural character ensures no two products are exactly alike.

With its beautiful imperfections, its potential for sculptural forms, intricate individuality, solidity and permanence, our bespoke polished concrete provides a wealth of design possibilities allowing your creativity to run wild.