Concrete pendant light

ROC Concrete lights

ROC concrete pendant lights are designed not to be perfect! 

Our concrete lampshades are all individually hand crafted in our Kent based studio in the UK, using a unique production process, developed in house, with the aim of retaining the beautiful imperfect character of the concrete with holes, recesses, bumps, folds and more.

Once the initial forming is finished and the concrete is cured, some concrete lampshades are left raw and rough to the touch, with just the smallest of refinements to smooth some sharp areas. Some are selected to be further refined to ease and soften the surface detail, however we always work with the aim of retaining the natural detail and beauty of the material.

The natural imperfections and varying thicknesses of the concrete surface sometimes result in an imbalance in the light once hung, so we add a branded lead counter balance to those lights that require levelling so that you can adjust the hanging balance if you wish. 

Please note images are only provided as a guide of product appearance due to screen variations and photography lighting.

Due to the production process and the variations in surface detail and thickness that give our concrete pendant lights their unique appearance, not all lights will hang perfectly level.

Dimensions are approximate due to the handmade nature of the production process and some variation is possible between products of the same type.