wall art, objet d'art,
2d cutting & 3d carving

wall art

These striking and fascinating artworks are formed by cutting lines or dots into the base material creating unique and individual images that appears clear from a distance but loose clarity when you get close up. Backgrounds can be simple black or white or can be uniquely textured and coloured to add greater depth and interest to the artwork. Once cut the the lines or dots can be painted for greater impact.

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Objet d'art

These 3D landscape sculptures are created by using geo-data from satellite scans so can be very accurate miniature reproductions of various stunning landscapes around the world. They are generally created from hard wood or cast in concrete or resin.

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2d & 3d carving

I create these 2d and 3d carvings mainly from wood or plastic. I can design the artwork for you or it can be supplied to me so I can process it ready for carving. They can be original artworks, signs, club or brand logos, sculptures or just intricate or repetitive imagination is the limiting factor here!

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