ROC Products is an artisan focused, family run business based in the Kent countryside, UK.

Born from my desire for a creative outlet aimed at the more discerning customer in search of the less ordinary, ROC Products is a response to the saturation of mass produced, soulless products and short term disposable consumer culture.

Its mission, to reflect the values of the ROC name by creating Refined, Organic and Creative products, in a sustainable way, from various materials including concrete, steel and wood. To achieve this our focus is to retain the authenticity of the making process whilst embracing the natural properties and character of the material from which they are crafted.

With sustainability in mind my processes re-use and recycle almost all of the materials used during production of our concrete products, with much of the material being very locally sourced, natural and highly sustainable, from the tools and methodology applied, to the type of materials used in the creation of the completed pieces.

ROC concrete products are formed using processes that have lower cement and raw material demand when compared to standard 'old-school' concrete, whilst achieving comparably greater strength. This can result in more elegant, lighter products with a reduced carbon footprint regarding material use and shipping.

ROC Products has a pedigree stemming back to 2005 and the formation of its parent company Concreations Ltd, one of the first companies in the UK providing bespoke high end polished concrete production services.

A 20 year background in design and creative industries and a lifelong love of art, experimentation, making, breaking, fixing and disassembling things, provides ROC products a great foundation for creative solutions.

My constant thirst for experimentation and self-learning has led to the use of both traditional and advanced production methods. Our highly individual products focus on concrete basins and vessels, lighting, computer and CNC art, non-structural welding, interior and exterior furniture and I’m sure much more to come…

Please have a look around, tell us what you think and follow us to see what we're up to.

Gus Colley

About Concreations Ltd.

When established in 2005, Concreations Ltd. was one of the first companies in the UK to offer bespoke polished concrete services to the UK market. We now have more than 15 years’ experience of all things concrete.

We are a creative artisan concrete company based in the beautiful Kent countryside, specialising in the design and manufacture services of handmade bespoke polished (and textured) concrete. We have produced concrete products such as worktops, vanity, counter and tabletops, decorative panels, basins, baths, shower trays, reception desks, POS, seating, fire surrounds and hearths, shelves, windowsills and surrounds and many others.

We have produced pieces for clients all over the UK, Europe and as far away as the middle east.

We aim to create beautiful, striking and functional bespoke concrete for our clients by embracing the natural character of our concrete. The versatility of our bespoke polished concrete provides endless creative possibilities in appearance, texture and sculptural form.

For more information about Concreations Ltd. and to see examples of our work please click www.concreations.co.uk

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