The delivery charge for UK Mainland addresses is £50 inc. VAT for orders under 30kg inc. packaging.

Delivery charges for items over this weight or for addresses outside the UK mainland will be calculated based on the details of the order and location. Please contact us for details.

We will contact you with a delivery price regarding the above at which point you can choose to continue or cancel the order.

Yes we will ship abroad. Shipping costs will be calculated based on the shipping destination, size and weight of your order.

We will package your order in a box with plenty of padding protection for the product, however please do handle with care.


In order to ensure you receive your order in good condition we ask that you open and inspect the product for damage that may have occurred during shipping. Once inspected you will be asked to sign in agreement that you have inspected it and have accepted it.

This depends on the details of your order, whether your item is in stock or whether we will need to make your item to order. 

We will endeavour to make delivery times clear for each item.

For items in stock, delivering within the UK mainland we estimate a standard trackable courier delivery within 4-5 days. Faster may be possible on request.

If you would like further information please contact us 

This depends on the method of delivery. If your order will be delivered by a national courier than you will be able to track it.

If you order will be delivered by other means then you can contact us directly to discover its progress.

If your items are in stock, they will be collected at the same time, however each has its own packaging box and can’t be block packaged so may arrive at different times. You will be provided delivery tracking for your order.

We will send an email to you once your products have been dispatched with information on how to contact the delivery company fulfilling your order. You will also be provided delivery tracking for your order.

Changes, cancellations, returns & refunds

You can change a standard off-the-shelf product order within 24 hours of placing the order, as long as your order has not been dispatched.

Custom/bespoke/made to order products – can be cancelled within 24 hours as long as production of you order has not begun.

You can cancel a standard product order if cancelled within 24 hours of placing the order, as long as your order has not been dispatched, or for custom/bespoke/made-to-order products  – as long as production of you order has not begun.

To cancel an order, you should email us with your order details and we will provide a full refund.

You can cancel an off-the-shelf product order that has been dispatched once you have received the order.

You will still be required to inspect and confirm the condition of the order when it arrives, and sign confirming its condition. You can then return it to us unused and in as new condition within 14 days.

If possible, please return you order to us in the original packaging assuming it is in suitable condition. If not, ensure that you fully protect and secure the product. When it arrives, we will inspect it to ensure it is ‘as new’ and issue either a refund (less the delivery and return fee) or replacement.

Unfortunately you cannot cancel orders for custom, bespoke or made-to-order products so will still be charged the full amount, this also applies if the product is returned to us used or damaged.

To cancel an order, you can  email us with your order details or call us on 0208 408 3000.

If the product was off-the-shelf - You can return your item to us within 14 days of delivery for a refund, less the delivery cost and return delivery cost, as long as the product is confirmed on receipt by us, to be in unused and ‘as new’ condition.

We suggest you return it in the original packaging if possible, ensuring it will provide suitable protection for the product. You will be charged for the cost of the delivery. Please contact us so we are ready to accept it on return.

If the product was custom, bespoke, made-to-order, used or damaged you are not able to return the product.

Damaged or faulty products

We take great care to ensure your order is correct and our products leave us in good condition and well protected, however we are only human and sometimes things can go wrong. If this happens, we are sorry and will try to rectify the problem where we can.

We ask that you take care to inspect your delivery, before the courier leaves you, to identify any damage that may have happened during shipping and to ensure your order is correct.

If a product is found to be damaged the courier should be informed and the damage should be recorded on the inspection document that should then be signed by you.

Please then report the situation to ROC Products by email or phone ASAP including a photo of the damage (0208 408 3000 or 07956 337 909).

(Photos of the damaged product and/or packaging are very helpful as they will assist us to remedy the cause)

Faulty products must be reported to us within 14 day of receipt of the goods.

It is particularly important that you inspect your order when it is delivered as we will ask you to sign for it, confirming that it is undamaged. If there is a problem with your order please tell the delivery courier and indicate the problem on the signature form.

Please take pictures of any damage to the product and packaging if possible and contact us ASAP. (0208 408 3000 or 07956 337 909) or by email.

 We inspect each product before it leaves us to ensure it is correct and undamaged, but if something has gone wrong we are sorry. Please contact us (on the day of delivery if possible) and we will try to put it right.

If we are unable to provide a replacement product or sort out the problem we will provide a refund. The refund will go back onto the same card or account you used to place the order with us and will be paid back to you via a return transaction.

use, care & maintenance of concrete products

Our Stunning range of ROC Concrete hand wash basins have been coated with a high quality natural looking sealer in order to help keep them looking gallery ready!

Below we have some recommendations to help you keep them in top condition during use.

Our sealer is resistant to bleach and citric acids however we recommend that our surfaces and products be cleaned with warm, mild soapy water using a bleach free, PH neutral cleaning product. Scrubbing with abrasive powders or pads is not recommended as this may damage the sealer and concrete and dull the surface sheen. Corrosive / solvent or acidic materials and cleaners should be avoided, this includes vinegar and critics.

ROC Concrete basins are designed for use as hand washing basins. They are treated with a high quality sealer that will help protect the surface of the concrete and allow for easier cleaning and hygienic use.

It is important that the sealer is not damaged/scratched exposing the underlying concrete to the elements.

Acids, solvents, abrasives and oils may damage or mark either the sealer of the underlying concrete so should be avoided along with other harsh chemicals.

Watermarking/darkening and 'tide lines' may occur if water is left in the basin for longer periods due to the concrete becoming damp beneath the sealer so we do not recommend leaving the basins with water in them (eg. soaking clothes). The darker appearance will gradually dry but this can take some time as the moisture is trapped under the sealer.

Our sealer provides a satin/mat finish, if you require greater lustre, a carnauba or bees wax may be used to polish a suitable surface or product. Rough surfaces should not be waxed as the wax will get caught and will not alter the lustre.

Always test on an discreet area before full application.

Once the sealer has been applied the concrete is more resistant to water as long as the sealed surface remains undamaged. The sealer may require re-application periodically depending on intensity of use. 

We do not recommend leaving basins containing water or using them for soaking.

Like any hard and brittle material (e.g. china or porcelain) concrete can be damaged so care should be taken. Products can be chipped if knocked but if treated with care concrete products can last for many years.

It may be possible to mend chipped or damaged items. (Please contact us for details).

Like any hard and brittle material (e.g. china or porcelain) concrete can be cracked if stressed or shocked in some way.

Hairline cracks and surface crazing are inherent to the curing process of all concrete to some degree and may appear more pronounced after the surface has been wet but they are not structural cracks and are part of the very nature and character of the material.

A non-slotted waste outlet (click here) should be used as our basins do not have an overflow. The outlet may require an extended thread subject to the basin selected. This can be purchased through us or elsewhere.

We recommend the use of plumber’s flexible putty (plumbers Mate) as a bedding for the outlet fitting to ensure a good seal and prevent leaks.

It is very important not to over tighten the outlet during fitting as this may damage the sealer or even crack the basin.

Simple fitting recommendations can be found here


RocProducts are unable to participate in the Retail Export Scheme, as this scheme does not apply to goods sold over the internet.

This is provided straight away as part of your confirmation email..

We are unable to accept cheque’s or purchase orders as a form of payment.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. You can also pay be electronic transfer. Please call for details.


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