What height should I fit my Bathroom Basin?

What height should I fit my Bathroom Basin?

If you’ve chosen one of our concrete basins that do not have a fixed height pedestal you have the luxury of deciding what height to set your concrete sink. But what height will you decide?

Much depends on your height and whether you are taller than the average UK resident, but you also have to consider the height of the others in your household. We would advise you don’t plan the height of your concrete bathroom basin based on the height of the children. Best advice is to buy the children a small stool and find a height that works comfortably for you.

Most plumbing experts say a comfortable basin height is considered to be somewhere between 800-850mm. Others suggest you should measure from the floor to approx your waistline. It is a good idea to compare the heights of sinks you use outside of the home. So you’ll need to start travelling around with a tape measure and begin acting out ‘ teeth cleaning’, until you find something that is really comfortable.

If you're fitting our concrete basin sink in the smallest of bathrooms, you need to check that you have enough space to bend over fully! In this instance you might consider having a higher sink so that you need less horizontal space in order to get your face to the tap.

Our concrete basin sinks are fitted on a bathroom vanity or a bespoke bathroom cabinet. When it comes to making this decision there are no right or wrong answers. You’ll be using your sink every day, so it needs to be at a height that is as comfortable as possible.

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