I Love Concrete but how do I care for it?

I Love Concrete but how do I care for it?

So you’ve taken the plunge and purchased one of our stunning concrete wash basins for your bathroom. The bathroom looks amazing, you feel like you’re staying in a boutique hotel and then you realise there’s no maid service. Don’t worry.

Our concrete bathroom basins are from a resilient material comparable in performance to natural stone or wooden materials however there are a number of things to remember that will help keep your concrete basins looking beautiful and performing well.

If the concrete bathroom basin is going to be used for hand washing using standard soaps then the surface of the concrete will hold up well. It’s probably not a good idea to soak your dirty socks and pants in it overnight, as the concrete sinks are far too stunning for that!!

The concrete used in the washbasins is naturally porous and is treated with multiple thin layers of sealer which forms a very thin barrier over the washbasin surface to provide some protection. There is a small risk of liquids penetrating into the material, and if so a patina can develop over time. You can apply wax (bees wax) as a sacrificial wear coat to assist in protecting the surface from liquids.

Whilst the sealer is high performance, like every coating, this sealer still has limitations. It is very important that you take extra care to prevent damage to the surface sealer.

The concrete bathroom basins should be cleaned with mild soapy water using acid free cleaning product. Scrubbing with abrasive powders or pads is not recommended as this may dull and damage the surface sheen and sealer coating. Corrosive / solvent materials and cleaners such as lime scale remover should be avoided at all costs!

Now we’ve sorted that why not light the candles, run the bubble bath, relax and enjoy your luxurious new bathroom with the central artisan concrete sink.

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